Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back again

Hey y'all! It's been an age, I know. I did get some things from my lust list (omg!), so once it's not excruciatingly hot out, I'll be able to grab some pics and post them! Or if I can get off my butt and get out early in the a.m., of course!

So I figure I might as well post some pics of me... though neither are recent!

I'm trying to grow my hair, so when I want to look especially cute for a day, I bust out the clip-in bangs, or one of a bunch of awesome wigs I own.


Dolluxe has pretty much the best wigs, I've bought their Prism wig from the Rockstar Line...
Look at how great this is! It doesn't even look like a wig. People think it's my hair all the time. There's a pastel one, a bob-cut one, and one in pinks and teals. It's super soft, doesn't tangle easily, and it styles really well.

Well, here's hoping the weather cools off or else I can start being an early bird! Catch you guys next time.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

When they bring back your faves

Probably my favorite perfume

SO. When I found out the DC Bombshells Harley fragrance was no longer being sold, I wanted to cry. It is the BEST fragrance, it smells like peaches and I love it. WELL. I went to try to see if they had any extra (I have two spritzers left but you know how it is, you want all you can get!)… and they had THIS.

It’s exactly the same. Dead on. It’s $19.50 (it’s also 20% off right now for $15.60) but if you love a good sweet fruity scent with sharp undertones, this is a fragrance for you, and you know it’ll last you forever. It’s a big bottle. I’m fairly sure the only place you can get it is Hot Topic. I AM SO HAPPY you have no idea.

top notes: pear, sparkling apple, peach
mid notes: muguet water (lily of the valley), gardenia, sueded amber
finishing notes: cedar, sandalwood, warm musk

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Lust List - Pinup Girl Clothing and Vivien of Holloway

Pinup Girl Clothing is my darling... I have bought the most clothes from them, they're wonderful, and they have high quality clothes.

I'll post my absolute must-haves here, though I'm sad that my beloved gray-dot Lorelei seems permanently out of stock.

My faintly goth heart cheers.
I used to be more gothy! This Haunted Housewife Dress (in black!) has appealed to me on and off over my years of being a PUG patron. I avoided it for ages because I didn't want to fall back into buying tons of black clothes. But it keeps luring me back with its siren song. I have such plans for this dress. Big sixties beehive styled wig from Dolluxe, Jackie-O style glasses, and big sexy heels. *sigh*

I never used to love pink + gray
I own the Evelyn, the swing skirted version of this style, in pink and pale blue, and that makes my day whenever I wear it. This Erika cut with its glorious wiggle skirt gives me such joy- I know I'd feel super sexy in it.

My first vintage love - cherry print
If I could have everything in cherry print, I probably would. This Ridley tie top is so cute anyway, but when I found out it came in cherry (and my all time favorite black cherry) I knew I had to have one. I've heard only positive things about the fit and cut, and I want to own at least one!
If ever there were a princess dress...
The Valerie would be one. The blue is also stunning, as is the black, but the girly soul inside me adores this pink one best. It's satin, with a flowing swing skirt and it has pockets. No girl can resist an item of clothing she wants if it has real pockets.

I only haven't bought myself a Gilda gown because I can't decide what color I want! Available in gorgeous burgundy, black, ivory, purple, olive, and brown... it's so hard to choose! And it looks so fab on any of their models, I know it'd look great on me too.
I need this dress in my life.
For years I've wanted this dress, since I stumbled on it in PUG's hallowed halls, but I could never decide on a color. And with the color options expanding over the years, I was lost on which one to pick. So far I'm pretty sure I need it in black and red. Classic colors are always best.

Gallavanting off to Vivien of Holloway, who has had my love just a tiny bit longer than PUG, I have a bit of a list from them as well.
Plaid is probably my favorite color.

I adore plaid. Anything that comes in plaid I will look twice at, even if I don't want it. I often wish more things come in it, and I was very sad to discover that the red plaid version of my coveted Sarah Jane coat no longer does. Vivien carries a great line of tartan/plaid swing and pencil skirts and I would love to own a few of each.

Their selection of tops is to die for, I have been in love with their peasant tops and that cupcake print one forever, and I've only just taken notice of their luxury fabric tops (which match their beautiful luxury dresses)... if I could, I'd own just about every one.

Looks like I'm obsessed with princess dresses.
As mentioned, their luxury dresses are gorgeous, and each one has a different but fabulous pattern. There's one I seem to miss every incarnation though- white with stars. The original was my favorite, and had little perfect five pointed stars all over it. It was reincarnated with green metallic stars, and eventually with a field of variously pointed stars, and once again, they're gone before I had a chace to get one. But hopefully someday! This burgundy one is my current must-have though, it has such a lovely flower pattern on the overlay.

For now, that's my lust list~! I'll be posting photos of me as soon as I have the chance, probably next weekend! See you then, lovelies <3

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Lust List 2

Part Two of the infamous Lust list!

Hope everyone is well on this lovely day!

First up is the gorgeously packed Naughty Alice perfume:
I love the packaging!
I love perfume, I'm a collector and some of my favorites come from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but I'm always willing to try new things! And this sounds absolutely dreamy: Contains notes of black rose, violet, ylang-ylang & musk... it'd probably be my new go-to for perfume! There's a Cheeky Alice as well, in some pretty pink packaging, I'd also be tempted for that.

This one I already have but can't resist stumping for: DC Bombshells Harley Quinn mini fragrance!
Smells like danger. And peaches.

I'm sad to say this is really hard to find, you may be able to find it in the $1 bin at your local Hot Topic, but right now, it's not for sale online, it seems. It smells so good, a lot like peaches or nectarines, and vanilla. I have two brand new bottles of it (and will probably check my own Hot Topic for more), and it is my absolute favorite perfume. I don't usually end up burning through a bottle, as I so often lose them, but I always knew where this was. I bought it originally for cosplay, and now I wear it all the time. 
The Lulabelle Leopard top:
Pretty sure I need this in not just blue, but red and green as well. Look how cute it is! I love lace and bows, even though deep down I'm also a tomboy, you can't keep the bows from me XD. P.S. Jessica Louise has some of the CUTEST stuff.

Like these:
How cute are these?!
I love them so much. I probably wouldn't wear them out (maybe I would, who knows?) but they're so pretty I want all of them haha. But there's one or two I just can't resist, and I'm planning on saving up for at least one.

And then there's this:
That skull bow detail? Perfect!
This is probably hands down the cutest summery dress I've seen in a while. I want to throw a little cropped white jacket over it and wear some red or white tights with it, and some cute boots. It just begs to be accessorized, even though you could easily just go with this and some sneaks. That skull bow is so adorable, I would LOVE one like that to match for my hair. <3

One of my holy grail items right here:
The Dita Cardigan in Gold
It's a touch pricey at for a cardigan at $140 but it's positively stunning and from what I hear lasts forever. It has, over the years, come in probably a dozen colors, and while my favorites are the green, the pink, and the red, I would happily take it in any color it comes in. It can be worn buttoned-up or open with a lovely keyhole effect as demonstrated by the lovely Ms Von Teese here, and it does, in fact, flatter the bustier ladies as well. As they always are, I'm sure it'll be sold out before I can save up. (Not that I blame anyone! They're so beautiful). Sometimes older colors can be found on Ebay, but not often.

Up next (and apparently today's theme is blue), the Banned Flamingo Cardigan:
It comes in a slew of colors (black, pink, and dusty blue), but the blue is my favorite. I have a polka dot skirt it would look perfect with. And well, who can resist a flamingo? It just looks so soft, and the gathers on the sleeves look like they'd flatter my broad shoulders.

And off to Sourpuss! I already have the Keep 'em Flying dress (which I get dozens of compliments on when I go out), which is super cute and comfy. My first interest isn't a dress though- it's these super cute shorts: 

So cute! I love short shorts, especially since these look really comfy too, always a must. They also come in black. I really wish they came in plaid, but tartan always seems reserved for tops, dresses, and skirts.

Since we're talking about short shorts, I'm in love with these. Gingham is probably my favorite pattern ever, especially in red. Paired with a cute gingham blouse, this would look stellar. Knowing me I'd probably add some over-the-knee socks as well.

While they're running the risk of being too short for me, they're so gosh-darned cute I want a pair! I can picture these paired with some nice thigh high black socks, and some big old spats- oh wait, my inner steampunk nerd is showing.

The buttons are the best detail.
The Bombshell skirt. I lovelovelove pencil skirts even though I used to think they couldn't possibly work for me. I love the button detail on this. It comes in a lot of different colors and patterns, but my other favorite is the houndstooth with red piping and buttons. So classy.

I think this is good for today! I've got one last part for this tomorrow (which will mostly focus on my other loves, Pinup Girl and Vivien of Holloway), before I start having photoshoot things to post next weekend.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year and 2016 Outfit Lust List Part 1

Looks like I finally have time to start up this blog! Happy New Year everyone, and hope you're all well.

I love clothes, and if you know me, you know my taste runs to both punk and pinup. (Who's surprised here?) But sometimes a little goth and a little pastel lolita sneaks in, and I want to cram my closet full!

2016 Lust List:
Hell Bunny Sarah Jane coat: This is THE cutest coat.  It comes in black and teal on Tiger Milly's site and if you poke around on Ebay you can also find it in pale blue and pale pink with white trim. I really want the red one most.

Hell Bunny Rock Noir coat: I used to have a Forever 21 long coat that looked kind of like this... And I would LOVE to have this to replace it! If this isn't the most glam thing you've seen well... haha.
 The Gothic Victorian Jacket from GoodGoth... I was sad when they stopped carrying their pure white foundation (I'm very pale and being able to mix that with light foundations and make them lighter made things a lot easier) but when I found this, you can imagine it made up for pretty much everything.
Look at the back of this! Gorgeous. <3
I am desperately in love with Hell Bunny's petticoats, I have the pastel pink one, and it turns out they have about 18 different colors! While I don't really want that many petticoats, I admit I'd love their mint one and their burgundy one to round out my collection (and maybe someday white). But for now, just look at this:

Off to Heart of Haute (I already own two great dresses from them, the Hilda in Teresa Red floral print and the Super Spy dress in black (one of the most comfy and flattering dresses EVER)... given a chance I'd probably own just about everything they have.
The adorable El Gato print Simone dress gives me all the squee. Look that that lovely flattering neckline (perfect for just about any bust size) and adorable cat print! I'm in love.
The Beverly dress in Aqua Blossom. I've heard fantastic things about the comfort and fit of this dress, and I'm dying to try it out! And the pattern is simply adorable.

Sex appeal ahoy!

I love flattering suits, and the 40s silhouette of this Diva suit (skirt and jacket sold separately and ) is amazing to behold. I've never really wanted to own a suit before, because most of the time they're completely unattainable, or else unflatteringly cut for a busty, broad shouldered, robust lady like me. But this can actually handle dangerous curves as well as more slender ladies! I'll take at least one please.
The Estelle blouse (and variant Ella) are everything you could want in a blouse, in my opinion. Stretch, flattering cut, and an adorable pussybow that makes you look cute or professional (or both!). It comes in so many colors (Ella alone comes in twenty! And Estelle in fourteen!) you could have a closetful in no time.

I don't know what possessed Unique Vintage to start stocking these adorable yet gorgeous "manor" dresses that look like Lolita-style starter outfits. I didn't even know I'd want ONE let alone all three, but I'd happily buy them all. I currently own their floral Dandridge dress in white... the quality is amazing.

This dress makes me so happy, I would wear it every day if I didn't have a bunch of other things to wear! Look at that cute sailor neckline and the lovely floral print! I'll take one please <3

Okay that's enough for today before I break Blogger! I'm doing some photoshoots while the sun's out here in Georgia, although it's cold (finally!) I don't really care. And besides: I'm sure you want to know what's hanging out in my current collection!