Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Lust List - Pinup Girl Clothing and Vivien of Holloway

Pinup Girl Clothing is my darling... I have bought the most clothes from them, they're wonderful, and they have high quality clothes.

I'll post my absolute must-haves here, though I'm sad that my beloved gray-dot Lorelei seems permanently out of stock.

My faintly goth heart cheers.
I used to be more gothy! This Haunted Housewife Dress (in black!) has appealed to me on and off over my years of being a PUG patron. I avoided it for ages because I didn't want to fall back into buying tons of black clothes. But it keeps luring me back with its siren song. I have such plans for this dress. Big sixties beehive styled wig from Dolluxe, Jackie-O style glasses, and big sexy heels. *sigh*

I never used to love pink + gray
I own the Evelyn, the swing skirted version of this style, in pink and pale blue, and that makes my day whenever I wear it. This Erika cut with its glorious wiggle skirt gives me such joy- I know I'd feel super sexy in it.

My first vintage love - cherry print
If I could have everything in cherry print, I probably would. This Ridley tie top is so cute anyway, but when I found out it came in cherry (and my all time favorite black cherry) I knew I had to have one. I've heard only positive things about the fit and cut, and I want to own at least one!
If ever there were a princess dress...
The Valerie would be one. The blue is also stunning, as is the black, but the girly soul inside me adores this pink one best. It's satin, with a flowing swing skirt and it has pockets. No girl can resist an item of clothing she wants if it has real pockets.

I only haven't bought myself a Gilda gown because I can't decide what color I want! Available in gorgeous burgundy, black, ivory, purple, olive, and brown... it's so hard to choose! And it looks so fab on any of their models, I know it'd look great on me too.
I need this dress in my life.
For years I've wanted this dress, since I stumbled on it in PUG's hallowed halls, but I could never decide on a color. And with the color options expanding over the years, I was lost on which one to pick. So far I'm pretty sure I need it in black and red. Classic colors are always best.

Gallavanting off to Vivien of Holloway, who has had my love just a tiny bit longer than PUG, I have a bit of a list from them as well.
Plaid is probably my favorite color.

I adore plaid. Anything that comes in plaid I will look twice at, even if I don't want it. I often wish more things come in it, and I was very sad to discover that the red plaid version of my coveted Sarah Jane coat no longer does. Vivien carries a great line of tartan/plaid swing and pencil skirts and I would love to own a few of each.

Their selection of tops is to die for, I have been in love with their peasant tops and that cupcake print one forever, and I've only just taken notice of their luxury fabric tops (which match their beautiful luxury dresses)... if I could, I'd own just about every one.

Looks like I'm obsessed with princess dresses.
As mentioned, their luxury dresses are gorgeous, and each one has a different but fabulous pattern. There's one I seem to miss every incarnation though- white with stars. The original was my favorite, and had little perfect five pointed stars all over it. It was reincarnated with green metallic stars, and eventually with a field of variously pointed stars, and once again, they're gone before I had a chace to get one. But hopefully someday! This burgundy one is my current must-have though, it has such a lovely flower pattern on the overlay.

For now, that's my lust list~! I'll be posting photos of me as soon as I have the chance, probably next weekend! See you then, lovelies <3

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