Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year and 2016 Outfit Lust List Part 1

Looks like I finally have time to start up this blog! Happy New Year everyone, and hope you're all well.

I love clothes, and if you know me, you know my taste runs to both punk and pinup. (Who's surprised here?) But sometimes a little goth and a little pastel lolita sneaks in, and I want to cram my closet full!

2016 Lust List:
Hell Bunny Sarah Jane coat: This is THE cutest coat.  It comes in black and teal on Tiger Milly's site and if you poke around on Ebay you can also find it in pale blue and pale pink with white trim. I really want the red one most.

Hell Bunny Rock Noir coat: I used to have a Forever 21 long coat that looked kind of like this... And I would LOVE to have this to replace it! If this isn't the most glam thing you've seen well... haha.
 The Gothic Victorian Jacket from GoodGoth... I was sad when they stopped carrying their pure white foundation (I'm very pale and being able to mix that with light foundations and make them lighter made things a lot easier) but when I found this, you can imagine it made up for pretty much everything.
Look at the back of this! Gorgeous. <3
I am desperately in love with Hell Bunny's petticoats, I have the pastel pink one, and it turns out they have about 18 different colors! While I don't really want that many petticoats, I admit I'd love their mint one and their burgundy one to round out my collection (and maybe someday white). But for now, just look at this:

Off to Heart of Haute (I already own two great dresses from them, the Hilda in Teresa Red floral print and the Super Spy dress in black (one of the most comfy and flattering dresses EVER)... given a chance I'd probably own just about everything they have.
The adorable El Gato print Simone dress gives me all the squee. Look that that lovely flattering neckline (perfect for just about any bust size) and adorable cat print! I'm in love.
The Beverly dress in Aqua Blossom. I've heard fantastic things about the comfort and fit of this dress, and I'm dying to try it out! And the pattern is simply adorable.

Sex appeal ahoy!

I love flattering suits, and the 40s silhouette of this Diva suit (skirt and jacket sold separately and ) is amazing to behold. I've never really wanted to own a suit before, because most of the time they're completely unattainable, or else unflatteringly cut for a busty, broad shouldered, robust lady like me. But this can actually handle dangerous curves as well as more slender ladies! I'll take at least one please.
The Estelle blouse (and variant Ella) are everything you could want in a blouse, in my opinion. Stretch, flattering cut, and an adorable pussybow that makes you look cute or professional (or both!). It comes in so many colors (Ella alone comes in twenty! And Estelle in fourteen!) you could have a closetful in no time.

I don't know what possessed Unique Vintage to start stocking these adorable yet gorgeous "manor" dresses that look like Lolita-style starter outfits. I didn't even know I'd want ONE let alone all three, but I'd happily buy them all. I currently own their floral Dandridge dress in white... the quality is amazing.

This dress makes me so happy, I would wear it every day if I didn't have a bunch of other things to wear! Look at that cute sailor neckline and the lovely floral print! I'll take one please <3

Okay that's enough for today before I break Blogger! I'm doing some photoshoots while the sun's out here in Georgia, although it's cold (finally!) I don't really care. And besides: I'm sure you want to know what's hanging out in my current collection!

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