Thursday, January 7, 2016

When they bring back your faves

Probably my favorite perfume

SO. When I found out the DC Bombshells Harley fragrance was no longer being sold, I wanted to cry. It is the BEST fragrance, it smells like peaches and I love it. WELL. I went to try to see if they had any extra (I have two spritzers left but you know how it is, you want all you can get!)… and they had THIS.

It’s exactly the same. Dead on. It’s $19.50 (it’s also 20% off right now for $15.60) but if you love a good sweet fruity scent with sharp undertones, this is a fragrance for you, and you know it’ll last you forever. It’s a big bottle. I’m fairly sure the only place you can get it is Hot Topic. I AM SO HAPPY you have no idea.

top notes: pear, sparkling apple, peach
mid notes: muguet water (lily of the valley), gardenia, sueded amber
finishing notes: cedar, sandalwood, warm musk

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