Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back again

Hey y'all! It's been an age, I know. I did get some things from my lust list (omg!), so once it's not excruciatingly hot out, I'll be able to grab some pics and post them! Or if I can get off my butt and get out early in the a.m., of course!

So I figure I might as well post some pics of me... though neither are recent!

I'm trying to grow my hair, so when I want to look especially cute for a day, I bust out the clip-in bangs, or one of a bunch of awesome wigs I own.


Dolluxe has pretty much the best wigs, I've bought their Prism wig from the Rockstar Line...
Look at how great this is! It doesn't even look like a wig. People think it's my hair all the time. There's a pastel one, a bob-cut one, and one in pinks and teals. It's super soft, doesn't tangle easily, and it styles really well.

Well, here's hoping the weather cools off or else I can start being an early bird! Catch you guys next time.

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